Board Members

Douglas Staley

Douglas is a medical researcher and statistician with a Master's Degree in Psychology, currently employed at St. Boniface General Hospital, in Winnipeg, Manitoba. For many years he has studied and participated in a wide range of Eastern and Western spiritual traditions.

Ernie Strauss

Ernie has been involved with many different spiritual traditions and practices over the past 40 years, including Jewish, Sufi, Taoist and Buddhist. He has a Master's degree in Philosophy of Science from the University of Toronto, and works in Winnipeg as a writer and web developer.

Tim Freeman

Tim works as a crisis counselor at Klinic community health centre. He has a degree in psychology and has been a lifelong student of eastern and western spiritual traditions.

Karen Barkman

Karen is a retired Registered Nurse, mother of three and grandmother of seven. She has studied Sufism and Fourth Way spirituality and co-facilitates an Eckhart Tolle study/meditation group. For the past 15 years she has been involved in Native spirituality.

Victor Popow

Victor is a retired manager from the aerospace sector. He is an active Freemason, lecturer, writer and fine artist. His passions are sacred architecture, ancient history and the study of the Western Hermetic Traditions.


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