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The Learning Institute for Growth, Healing and Transformation (LIGHT) is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Normally, events sponsored by LIGHT will take place in Winnipeg. Other Community Events (listed below) will list other events that we feel may be of interest to LIGHT members and friends.


LIGHT Events


LIGHT Lecture Series

Location: Charisma Restaurant
               83D Sherbrook St.
Attendees get a special price on a dinner buffet, starting at 6:00 p.m.; the presentation will begin at 7:00 p.m. Admission is free but donations would be appreciated.


Tuesday, February 7 - 7:00 p.m.
Tara Maniar: “The Lotus - Be the Peace in the Chaos”

The lotus is symbolic of purity of the body, speech and mind. While rooted in the mud, its flowers blossom on long stalks floating above the muddy waters. The lotus is an example of how we too can blossom and allow our essence to shine regardless of our situation. One of the most common metaphysical analogies compares the lotus' perennial rise from instinctive impulses to spiritual liberation. In this introduction of ‘The Lotus,’ we will explore Tara’s signature system and the messages of the spiritual masters to learn how to, like the lotus, blossom and “Be the Peace in the Chaos” of life at home, work and leisure.

Tara Maniar is a Certified Chakradance Facilitator and Spiritual Life Coach who empowers strong women to transform their inner turmoil, identity crises and work/life imbalance to enlightened possibilities. She guides individuals to discover and accept all of who they are to be their best self at home, work and leisure.


Tuesday, March 7 - 7:00 p.m.
Anna Olson: “NDA & ADC - Two Natural Aspects of Death”

Death can be frightening for the dying person, and for friends and family. But knowledge about two mystical aspects of death can help to reduce the tension. Anna Olson will discuss Near Death Awareness (NDA) and After Death Communication (ADC). NDA refers to visions that people often see prior to death. These visions are usually of loved ones who have already passed, or angels or bright white light that feels warm and inviting. This helps the dying person understand that there is life of the spirit after death of the body, and that he or she will have help in the transition. ADC refers to communication with the spirit of loved ones after their death. Spirits are anxious to let loved ones know that they are OK in the spirit world. Both aspects are important to know about so that family, friends and the dying person can be less frightened of the process.

Anna Olson is a writer and professional editor who has been interested in metaphysics and the world of the unseen for close to 30 years. She is the author of Exploring the Mysteries of Life and Death.


Tuesday, April 4 - 7:00 p.m.
Rositha Jeanson: “Flower/Tree Essences for Emotional and Spiritual Healing”

Healer Rositha Jeanson will explain the nature of the essences, how they are made and their practical use in psychological and spiritual healing. The work of Dr. Bach and his 38 essences will be explored, especially his “Rescue Remedy” which was featured on TV by Dr. Oz. Rositha will also share personal stories from those who have emotionally and spiritually benefited from the essences.

Rositha Jeanson is a registered Reflexology Therapist (13 years) and has been working with essences for over 20 years. She completed Level 3 with the Bach Centre and has studied with the co-creator of Canadian Forest Tree Essence.


Tuesday, May 2 - 7:00 p.m.
Manny Matas and Douglas Staley: “Paranormal Phenomena - Fact or Fiction?”

The talk will explore the nature of paranormal experiences from the perspective of both Western science and traditional spiritual teachings, as well as personal accounts. Extrasensory experiences of such as telepathy, precognitive dreams and premonitions will be examined with an approach that balances critical thinking and healthy skepticism with curiosity and open mindedness. Participants are welcome to share their own experiences.

Dr. Manuel Matas is a retired psychiatrist with a long-standing interest in spirituality. He received his medical degree from the University of Manitoba and his Diploma in Psychiatry from McGill University.
Douglas Staley is the president of LIGHT and has studied paranormal phenomena for many decades.

LIGHT Special Events


Thursday, February 16 - 7:00 p.m.
Dianne Baker: “Full Voice - The Power of Vocal Presence in Everyday Life”

The foundations of Vocal Presence work connects to Jungian psychology, some practices of Feldenkrais Movement and the Roy Hart method of acting and voice. The purpose of the practice is to help people discover the power and agency of their own voice, to speak their truth with clarity and integrity, and to find more effective ways of having the quality of their voice match the quality of their message. This fun and inspiring workshop will help individuals explore their own voices, in a practice that broadens the awareness of human vocal capacity in speech, song and simply in sound. Participants will come away with a greater awareness of how to use voice and how to listen to the voices of others in new ways.

Dianne Baker, M.Ed. is a counseling therapist at New Directions and has a private practice as a therapist where she addresses the whole person, integrating emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of wellness. She also offers retreat leadership in the wider Canadian context through her affiliation with the Center for Courage & Renewal and she is currently involved in an internship process with Barbara McAfee in her Full Voice Institute.

Location: Robert A. Steen C.C., 980 Palmerston Ave., Fireside Room (side entrance off the parking lot)
Admission is free but donations would be appreciated.


Thursday, March 23 - 7:00 p.m.
Beth Martens: “Archetypal ‘Mermaid Energy’ - Harmonizing with our True Self”

When Beth Martens was told that she wasn’t going to survive a three-year battle with cancer, she was guided as a last resort to work with archetypes and other emotional releasing tools. Surviving and thriving against the odds, almost 20 years later she was visited by a “new” archetype she came to know as 'Mermaid,' which guided her to align with her own authentic nature. Over the course of this talk you will gain simple and powerful insights for overcoming the challenges in your life and fulfilling your own unique purpose on earth.

Beth Martens is a musician and recording artist, business entrepreneur and archetype and release coach with a world-wide social media following. She offers private, group and virtual programs to help others overcome their fears, uncover and express their natural talents, gifts and possibilities, with the ultimate goal of serving humanity.

Location: Robert A. Steen C.C., 980 Palmerston Ave., Fireside Room (side entrance off the parking lot)
Admission is free but donations would be appreciated.


Thursday, April 20 - 7:00 p.m.
E.T. Nada: “Tantra - The Transcendence of Sex”

Although the term Tantra has been in the Western vocabulary and consciousness for several centuries, its true implications have never been understood or realized. Sex is probably the most powerful and misunderstood force in human life. Consciously dedicating our sexual energy/attention to the LovePlay of new Universal Creation and Transformation is an integral element of primordial AdiTantra. E. T. Nada will unveil some of the profoundly illuminating possibilities inherent to our nature as sexual beings - possibilities that transcend the limitations of scale, space and time. The conscious recognition that the force underlying sex is our most potent evolutionary power, can awaken and guide us to our inmost reason for being.

E.T. Nada is a writer, artist, photographer and music producer. He is the author of The Question and the Quest.

Location: 85 Lenore St. (in Wolseley)
Admission is free but donations would be appreciated.


Other Community Events

A small group meets in Winnipeg to practise movements on most Thursday evenings and one Saturday afternoon a month. They welcome anyone who would like to participate. For further information, contact Sandy Landin at 204-885-4644 or sandylandin@shaw.ca