Lecture Series

The LIGHT lecture series is normally held on the first Tuesday of the month at Charisma restaurant (83D Sherbrook St.) and is an important part of LIGHT's efforts to share spiritual ideas and teachings with the community. The presenters are writers, artists, storytellers, educators, academics, psychologists, spiritual teachers and alternative health practitioners. The themes of the talks cover a wide compass and deal with spiritual and personal growth in the broadest sense as well as the application of spirituality to the community and larger world.


May 2017
Manny Matas and Douglas Staley: “Paranormal Phenomena - Fact or Fiction?”

April 2017
Rositha Jeanson: “Flower/Tree Essences for Emotional and Spiritual Healing”

March 2017
Anna Olson: “NDA & ADC - Two Natural Aspects of Death”

February 2017
Tara Maniar: “The Lotus - Be the Peace in the Chaos”

November 2016
Mark Burch: “Jumping the Abyss: Cultural Imagination in a Time of Transition”

October 2016
Douglas Staley: “The Spiritual Significance of the U.S. Election”

May 2016
Victor Popow: “Destiny, Fate and Free Will”

April 2016
Darlene Tataryn: “Mondo Zen”

March 2016
Karen Toole: “Passion, Purpose and Pathways: An Exploration of Creating Meaning in Life”

December 2015
Anna Olson: “A Conversation About Death”

November 2015
Tara Maniar: “Ahimsa”

October 2015
Douglas Staley: “Spiritual Transformation Through Conscious Attention and Awareness”

May 2015
Ian Whicher: “The Yoga of Intelligence and the Liberation of Individuality”

April 2015
Manny Matas: “Spirit in the Sky: Spirituality and Popular Culture”

March 2015
John Tozeland: “Hallways of Your Mind”

February 2015
Deborah Judith: “A Lifetime Moving Along”

November 25, 2014
Tara Maniar: “Co-create Your Life”

November 4, 2014
Douglas Staley: “The Great Chain of Being”

October 2014
Zain Mohammed: “Towards Being Our Natural and True Self”

May 2014
Manny Matas: “Visions”

April 2014
Erin Stewart: “What is Subud?”

March 2014
Robert and Lisa Tucker: “The Findhorn Foundation”

February 2014
Tara Maniar: “We Are All One”

December 2013
Ervin Bartha: “Tantra - The Transcendence of Sex”

November 2013
Zain Mohammed: “The Essence of the Bhagavad Gita”

October 2013
Doug Staley: “The Spiritual Power of Winnipeg”

September 2013
Panel discussion (plus music): “Spirituality and Peace”

April 2013
Jules Lavalee: “The Wolf Teaching”

March 2013
Lisa Marie Tucker: “Singing Your Song”

February 2013
Elizabeth Krahn: “Unraveling and Transforming Family Legacies - A Spiritual Journey”

December 2012
Ian Whicher: “All Life is Yoga”

November 2012
Kay Stone with Nandita Selvanathan: “Flavours of India 2”

October 2012
Anna Olson: “Do Children Remember Past Lives?”

September 2012
James Jupiter: “Pathways to Spirit”

May 2012
Ervin Bartha with Deborah Judith:“The Heart of the Labyrinth - Designing, Building and Working with a Labyrinth”

April 2012
Ranjit Rai: “Ayurveda: The Ancient Science of Health”

March 2012
Robert Tucker: “The Shift - An Inquiry into 2012”

February 2012
Kay Stone, Nandita Selvanathan and Kval Duggal: “Flavors of India - An Evening of Stories and Music”

December 2011
Mary Louise Chown: “Now I Know the World is Round - Stories at the End of Life”

November 2011
Tara Maniar: “Experiencing the Saints of India”

October 2011
Ian Whicher: “Yoga, Freedom and Responsibility - Harnessing the Evolutionary Impulse Today”

September 2011
Sheila Dancho: “Healthy for Life”

May 2011
Victor Popow: “The Ancient and Hidden Meaning of Freemasonry”

April 2011
Alan Green: “Introduction to Jewish Mysticism”

March 2011
Ervin Bartha: “The Architects of Transformation”

February 2011
Gerry Kopelow: “Where The Buddha Walked”

December 2010
Nancy Hall III:“Aromatics and the Body, Mind and Spirit of the Indian Buffet”

November 2010
Doug Staley: “Sacred Geometry”

October 2010
John Tozeland: “The Marriage of Personal and Spiritual Growth”

September 2010
Jules Lavallee: “Aboriginal Wisdom and Spirituality”

May 2010
Chad Cornell: “Holistic Healing: The Wisdom of Nature”
A presentation on the holistic model of healing, which embraces the sacredness and inter-connectedness of life and the natural methods used for healing body, mind and soul.

April 2010
Doreen Holmes: "The Healing Power of Sacred Medicine Stories and Mystical Poetry"

March 2010
Doug Tataryn: “Implications of the Triune Brain on Human Development and Spirituality”

February 2010
Ervin Bartha, Lubomyr Melnyk and Deborah Judith: “What Is Conscious Music?”
A presentation, including musical demonstrations, about the principles underlying conscious music.

December 2009
Marianne Johnson: “Dreams of the Cat”
This presentation used the example of cats that appear in dreams to illustrate some of the principles of Jungian dream interpretation.

November 2009
Tara Maniar: “Finding Peace in the Chaos”
An experiential presentation about how to be at peace in the chaotic, violent world that we live in.

October 2009
Doug Staley: “The Shadow Side of Spiritual Groups and Teachers”
A presentation on how to distinguish between an authentic spiritual teaching and a cult, between a false and a real spiritual teacher.

September 2009
Beth Martens: “Creativity at the Source”
Learn to become aligned with your source of inner creativity using ancient yogic techniques.

June 2009
Darci Adam: “Art as Spiritual Practice”
A highly interactive presentation on connecting with the personal and collective unconscious through art-making and meditation.

May 2009
Doug Tataryn: “Mindfulness: From Bodhi Tree to Boardroom”
This talk presented a conceptual and experiential overview of Mindfulness within a developmental psychology framework.

April 2009
Anne Nesbitt: “The Path of the Labyrinth: From Native Petroglyphs to Carol Shields”
A presentation on the historical and spritual context of the labyrinth, with special reference to the Carol Shields Memorial Labyrinth.

March 2009
Mark Burch: “Beyond Consumerism: Voluntary Simplicity and a New Local Order”
This talk offered a cultural vision of voluntary simplicity as a “re-orientation of the human experiment.”

February 2009
Christel Kraft: “Discovering Passageways Into Your Inner Treasures”
A presentation on the technique of focusing, developed by Dr. Eugene Gendlin.

December 2008
Marianne Johnson: "Glimpses Into the Beyond"
The presentation, done from a Jungian perspective, explored the stories, dreams and visions of individuals who are dying or have experienced the loss of a loved one which offer glimpses, often reassuring, into the beyond.

November 2008
Anna Olson: "On the Nature of Life After Death"
A presentation on how we interact with the spirit level from this side, the importance of preparing for death, and clues about what it's like on the "other side."

October 2008
Doug Staley: "Exploring Sacred Art"
The presentation, featuring beautiful images from the diverse spiritual traditions of the world, explored the fundamental principles and underlying themes of sacred art.

September 2008
Victor Popow and Lisa Thibeault: "The Mystery and Spirituality of Chartres Cathedral"
A presentation plus film on one of the world’s great achievements of sacred architecture.

June 2008
Victor Popow: "Learning to Die Before Death as a Model for Enlightenment"
The lecture speaks to the practices employed by shamans, mystics and initiatory societies to awaken and enlarge human consciousness.

May 2008
Chad Cornell: "The Elementals: Fundamentals of Ayurveda"
A discussion of the ancient science of Ayurveda and its application to the modern world with an emphasis on the integral nature of mind, body and spirit.

April 2008
Doug Tataryn: "Ken Wilber's Integral Spirituality: Transcending and Including the Perennial Wisdom Traditions"
The lecture summarizes the basic framework and contributions of Integral Spirituality, a model of transpersonal psychology developed by Ken Wilber, and how it can be applied to enhance people's lives and spiritual practices.

March 2008
Link Phillips: "Finnegans Wake: How To"
An exploration of James Joyce's most controversial and least understood book. Joyce consciously chose a unique language whereby his words and phrases contain multiple layers of meaning, challenging readers to transcend ordinary conditioned categories of thought and perception.

February 2008
Brian McLeod: "Buddhist Principles and Meditation Practice"
The Buddhist tradition uses meditation to investigate the nature of the mind through direct moment-to-moment observation of consciousness. The talk discusses the basic premises of meditation and the Buddhist path of transformation.

December 2007
Christine Bennet-Clark: "Enaction: An Embodied Theory of Consciousness, Cognition and Learning"
A presentation on a new theory of cognition that has evolved from the complexity sciences. Enaction is an emergent embodied consciousness that bridges the dominant biocultural views of human cognition.

November 2007
Christina Wheelwright: "Write Away: Finding Your Creative Voice"
The creative process is mysterious and sometimes difficult to activate. Where does it come from? Does everyone have a creative voice? How can you find your creative voice? What will you do when you do find it?

October 2007
Doug Staley: "The Journey to Enlightenment"
A slide show presentation featuring ideas, aphorisms, allegories, images and models from the world's spiritual traditions which depict the journey from ordinary life to an awakened understanding of our higher purpose and being.

May 2007
Joan McLaren: "Your Body Speaks Your Mind: the BodyMind Connection"
The presentation discusses recent advances in working with molecules of emotion along with a series of everyday practices that will help maintain the free flow of information that is the essence of a whole and healthy self.

April 2007
Marianne Johnson: "Mandalas: Images of Healing and Wholeness"
The psychological meaning of mandala images is explored from a Jungian perspective as universal symbols of the Self archetype. In dreams and visions, mandala imagery points to themes of protection, healing and spirituality in one's personal path toward individuation.

March 2007
Doug Tataryn: "Emotions, Individuality and Human Development: The Relevance of Deep Psychology to Spiritual Transformation"
The talk applies the framework and insights of Bio-Emotive Integral Therapy to understanding the development of our individual sense of self over time. This healing journey takes us from being victims of our accidental conditioned history to consciously evolving human beings.

February 2007
Doug Staley: "Is Winnipeg a Spiritual Power Spot?"
A multimedia lecture exploring the possibility that Winnipeg is an important "power spot" on the North American continent. The lines of evidence are considered through photographs, images, diagrams, maps and illustrations.

December 2006
Victor Popow: "Esoteric Symbolism of the Manitoba Legislature"
The Manitoba Legislature building is one of the most distinctive works of architecture in Canada. The illustrated lecture by Victor Popow, a Freemason, discusses the esoteric design and symbolism of the building.

November 2006
An Evening of Spiritual Poetry
Lovers of poetry and spiritual wisdom are invited to share an evening of poetry reading and discussion. Attendees have the opportunity to read from their own poetic works or from classic books of poetry drawn from the world's spiritual traditions.

October 2006
Doug Staley: "Is Winnipeg a Spiritual Power Spot?"
A multimedia lecture exploring the possibility that Winnipeg is an important "power spot" on the North American continent. The lines of evidence are considered through photographs, images, diagrams, maps and illustrations.

May 2006
Joan McLaren: "The Spiritual Dimensions of the Tarot"
Dr. Joan McLaren explores the symbolism and meaning of the deck of Tarot cards from a spiritual perspective, linking them with a variety of other models of human development and transformation.

April 2006
Michael O'Malley: "Perfume and Essential Living"
Michael O'Malley, the owner of La Parfumerie (145 Evanson St.) discusses the spiritual dimension of perfume. The presentation includes opportunities to stimulate the senses by directly experiencing a variety of scents.

March 2006
Sharon Wisemyn and Doug Staley: "Astrology and World Events: Understanding Planetary Influences"
The talk explores the nature of planetary cycles on past and future world events, and how individually and collectively we can consciously participate in creating a new world based on love and respect for all existence.

February 2006
An Evening of Spiritual Poetry
Attendees read their own favourite spiritual poems at an "open mike" and share their love of poetry with others.

December 2005
Doug Staley: "Sacred Gardens East and West"
A multi-media slide show exploring the design and spiritual meaning of Western, Taoist, Zen and Islamic sacred gardens.

November 2005
Carol Ann Gotch: "Meeting the Stranger: Conversation and Community"
An experience in 'conversation' where energy flows between those who truly encounter each other, as the transforming of fear into self disclosure yields fruits of enchantment and delight.

October 2005
Robert Pasternak: "Symbolism and Spirituality"
The primal shapes locked in our collective unconscious are strong indicators of who, what and where we are as a species. Through Robert Pasternak's spiritual art it is possible to travel along the intuitive and logical path of reinventing these primal shapes so that they reflect a more holistic visual dialogue that will speak to and inform a new sense of being.

May 2005
Ervin Bartha: "The Enneagram Unveiled"
The presentation unfolds some of the deeper implications and applications of this popular, yet mysterious symbol. The ground of Presence, from which the enneagram and other transcendent symbols arise is the starting point for this exposition.

April 2005
Louise May: "Art and Ecology"
Louise May, the artistic director of the St. Norbert Arts Centre (SNAC) for the past 12 years, provides a framework for understanding the connections between art, culture and ecology.

March 2005
Jane Powell: "BodyTalk: Communicating With Your Innate Wisdom"
BodyTalk is a way of helping one's mind to help one's body, using tapping, breathing and focusing techniques that synchronize and balance its parts, opening pathways to communications and health.

February 2005
Judee Regan: "Meaningful Work: The Choice is Yours"
Judee Regan, a storyteller and author, champions taking responsibility for our own life through action, contribution and work-life wholeness and well-being through awareness, vision and choice.

December 2004
Mark Burch: "Simplicity and Spirituality"
The presentation explores the relevance of voluntary simplicity to spiritual growth and practice. The choice to adopt a materially simpler way of life as a support to, and expression of, spiritual practice has been a perennial theme across many spiritual traditions.

November 2004
Ervin Bartha: "Walking the Walk with Death"
A discussion on fearlessly coming face-to-face with the single most important event of a lifetime through conscious death and dying.

October 2004
Doug Tataryn: "Emotions and Spirituality"
A presentation on the close relationship between emotion and spirituality based on Dr. Tataryn's practice of psychotherapy and study of many different spiritual traditions.

June 2004
Joe McLellan: "Aboriginal Spirituality and Christianity"
Joe McLellan, a Roman Catholic Deacon who also has a strong foundation and understanding of Aboriginal spirituality, shares his knowledge and experience of the meeting place between the two spiritual traditions.

May 2004
Sharon Wisemyn and Doug Staley: "Astrology in Your Life"
A discussion of the difference between 'newspaper astrology' and humanistic/spiritual astrology, which aims at self-knowledge and personal development.

April 2004
Darlene Tataryn: "Dance and Organic Movement as Healing"
A discussion of the use of dance and organic movement as a form of healing and expression, including a sharing of experiences related to physical posture and tension followed by an experiential exercise of deep relaxation.

March 2004
Connie Phelps: "A Season for Non-Violence"
A presentation in a 'Consciousness Cafe' format on the theme of non-violence, stressing alternatives to violence and the importance of peaceful conflict resolution.

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