To raise awareness of spiritual alternatives and to provide education in spiritual wisdom and teachings for the purpose of promoting personal growth and healing and societal transformation.


  1. To raise public awareness of the range of spiritual traditions and teachings in the world, both mainstream and alternative.
  2. To provide education in subjects related to spirituality, including, but not limited to, metaphysics, cosmology, creativity, new sciences of consciousness, sacred arts, and other related subjects.
  3. To support research, study and public enquiry into new paradigms for understanding and describing the relationship between spirituality and the natural, physical and social sciences.
  4. To promote the adoption and integration of spirituality and spiritual practices into all facets of daily living - at work, study and leisure.
  5. To facilitate spiritual growth, healing and transformation among members of the organization as well as members of the larger community.
  6. To promote a more peaceful, unified global community by fostering inter-faith and cross-cultural tolerance and understanding.


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