Special Events

March 2017
Beth Martens: “Archetypal ‘Mermaid Energy’ - Harmonizing with our True Self”

February 2017
Dianne Baker: “Full Voice - The Power of Vocal Presence in Everyday Life”

October 2016
Brian McLeod: “Indigenous Teachings of Wholeness and Personal Growth”

September 2016
“Celebrating the Human Spirit” (part of Peace Days 2016)

February 2016
Tara Maniar and Douglas Staley: “Awakening to Universal Consciousness”

October 2015
Tanis Moore: “Qi Gong Healing Walk”

September 2015
The Circle of Peace, led by Deborah Judith and Nandita Selvanathan
(part of Peace Days 2015)

April 2015
RonaLynn Fitzpatrick: “Come on a Sound Journey”

March 2015
Jules and Margaret Lavallee: “The Butterfly Teaching”

November 2014
Tanis Moore: “Sound and Healing”

October 2014
Jules Lavallee: “Spiritual Teachings from a Native Elder”

September 2014
Film: Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds - Parts 1 and 4
(part of Peace Days 2014)

April 2014
Anna Olson: “What To Do After You Die”

March 2014
Tereza Gomes: “Dance the Rhythms of Your Soul”

February 2014
Film: First two episodes of John Anthony West’s Magical Egypt series

October-November 2013
Film: Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds by Daniel Schmidt
October: Parts 1 and 2
November: Parts 3 and 4

April 2013
Rosemary Miguez: “The Importance of the Moon Lodge and Its Teachings”

March 2013
Deborah Judith: “Spiritual Re-Awakening Concert”

February 2013
Film: “Our Common Roots: Unveiling Our Global Traditions of Healing with Plants”

November 2012
Film: “Inside the Crop Circle Mystery”

October 2012
Ron Bell: “Petroform Teachings”

September 2012
Deborah Judith and Jacqueline Cuthbert: “Autumnal Equinox Concert: Sound Healing Celebration”

April 2012
“Winnipeg 2012 and Beyond”

March 2012
Guided Masonic Tour of the Legislature

February 2012
Film: “Entheogen: Awakening the Divine Within”