Healing With Spirit

A Symposium on Spirituality, Health and Healing

June 4 and 5, 2010
Fort Garry Hotel

LIGHT invites you and your colleagues to participate in the first-ever symposium held in Winnipeg that explores the integral relationship between spirituality, health and healing.

The primary aim of the symposium is to provide a diverse, multidisciplinary, multi-faith forum to explore the relationship between spirituality, spiritual practices, healing, and optimal health. The specific symposium objectives are:

The symposium will be held on the evening of Friday June 4 (reception and keynote) and Saturday June 5 (workshops and closing), 2010.

Workshop presenters will be drawn from a wide range of traditional health care disciplines (medicine, psychology, nursing, pastoral care, health education), complementary healing modalities (yoga, meditation, reiki, therapeutic touch) and creative therapies (music, art, play, dance, movement). Individual topics for the workshops will include energetic healing techniques, mind-body-spirit integration, art therapy and healing, meditation and mindfulness. Keynote speaker Jonathan Ellerby will also be presenting a workshop on Saturday.

By bringing together individuals, groups and organizations with a common spiritual and healing perspective we hope to share contemporary cutting-edge ideas and practices that facilitate our understanding of the connection between spirituality and health, as well as focusing attention on the importance of an integrated body-mind-spirit approach to healing and health care. The symposium will also provide the opportunity for spiritually-minded individuals to share their knowledge and expertise in the art and science of healing with others in the community.

Location and Parking

Featured Keynote Speaker

Workshops and Presentations



Location and Parking

The Fort Garry Hotel is located at 222 Broadway in downtown Winnipeg, between Fort and Garry Streets. There is ample street and lot parking available. The symposium will take place on the mezzanine level of the hotel.


Featured Keynote Speaker

Jonathan Ellerby, PhD will be the keynote speaker at LIGHT’s June symposium on Spirituality and Healing. In his spiritual quest, Jonathan has travelled the globe to meet and study with spiritual teachers, elders and healers from more than 40 cultural traditions. Through his travels, research and personal experience he has gained an intimate understanding of both ancient and modern cultures and the psychology of the spirit, allowing him to synthesize the worlds of indigenous healing and integrative medicine.

Jonathan has also earned a doctoral degree in Comparative Religion with a focus on healing, conducting the majority of his research and fieldwork with traditional healers in South Africa. With his academic background and ordination as an interfaith Minister, Jonathan has worked as a hospital chaplain, healthcare executive, spiritual counselor, healer and business consultant within settings as diverse as hospitals, prisons, community groups and major corporations.

In his role as Director of Organizational Development and Wellness with the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (WRHA), Jonathan created programs to facilitate staff spiritual growth and development. One of his most important initiatives was to create a volunteer based energy healing service for staff at Health Sciences Center in a way that would educate and introduce them to methods that could ultimately be offered to patients. It was called the “Rainbow Room” because originally there were seven beds, each covered with a blanket representing one of the seven colours used in colour therapy.

Jonathan’s first book, Return to the Sacred, is an exploration of 12 ancient pathways to spiritual awakening which reflect the unification of body-mind-heart-spirit. He weaves sacred teachings, colorful tales and personal reflections as he chronicles his spiritual adventures and experiences with teachers and healers around the world. His second book, Inspiration Deficit Disorder, is due for release in 2010.

Jonathan’s unique perspective and deep understanding of the world’s spiritual traditions enables him to inspire, mentor and guide individuals from all walks of life. He firmly believes that the keys to the spiritual life rests within the talents, passions and sense of purpose each person has carried since birth.

Jonathan is currently the Spiritual Program Director for Canyon Ranch Health Resort in Tucson, Arizona where he resides with his wife, Monica, and son Narayan.

Keynote Address:
Inspired Living - Embracing the Spirit of Life

This presentation will explore the connection between spiritual concepts of the self and health, stress, habits and poor energy. Through story, experience and a thought-provoking model of human development you will learn to see where you get stuck in life, why you get stuck and how to return to a place of balance and meaning. It is based on Jonathan’s forthcoming book, Inspiration Deficit Disorder.