Aphorisms Of the Neo-Gnostics

Gnostics are those who “know” in non-scientific ways. The early gnostics, or proto-gnostics, lived in Alexandria, Egypt; their ideas were suppressed by the early Christian church in the second century A.D. Modern gnostics, or neo-gnostics, are followers of the way of knowledge; they recognize the differences between the “knowledge of the head,” pursued by science, and the “knowledge of the heart,” the gnosis cardias. The following is from Self-Completion: Keys to the Meaningful Life, by Robert S. de Ropp.



Define your life aims.

Conserve and concentrate chi. Your life depends on it.

Learn how to convert your knowledge into wisdom.

Stop dreaming; be here now.

Breathe consciously.

Control the Horse, care for the Carriage, awaken the Driver, discover the Master.

Substitute intentional doing for accidental happening.

Do only what is necessary.

Maintain a watchman at the gate of impressions.

In activities learn to see the play of three forces.

Believe nothing; test everything.

Distinguish between the higher will and the lower wills.

Strength exerted gives more strength; weakness indulged gives greater weakness.

Separate from all the manifestations of your machine.

Distinguish the quality of essence from that of the persona.

Stand on the bank of time's river and watch the flow.



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