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Spiritual Writings
Spiritual Writings present the essential, universal teachings of the world's wisdom
traditions, selected to both illuminate and challenge our understanding of human
potential and the nature of reality, in voices appropriate for our contemporary
time and culture.

Human Nature and Experience
The Spiritual Path or Way
Self-Realization and Enlightenment
An Extended View of Man


The One and the Many
The Interconnected Universe
As Above, So Below
Human Purpose and Destiny
Types of Supernatural Phenomena
Nature of Supernatural Phenomena
Higher Energies and Influences
Cosmology and Science
Cosmology, Spirituality and Science
The Great Chain of Being
The Ray of Creation
The Absolute or Self
God, Science and Spirituality
Consciousness and Science
Consciousness and Spirituality


Poetry of the Spirit
Zen Poetry
Zen Haiku


Aphorisms and Proverbs of the Wise
Aphorisms of Gurdjieff
Aphorisms of the Neo-Gnostics
Sayings of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

Meditations of Rumi
Wisdom of the Zen Masters
Zen Koans


Mindfulness and Awareness (PDF)
Simplicity and Spirituality
Thoughts on the Cathedrals
The Enneagram


The Butterfly